I’m not procrastinating, I’m taking a short break (ι´Д`)ノ

I haven’t been updating lately. Sorry. I’ve been really busy with not just my thesis but my other school projects as well. Ha ha, aside from thesis, I also have another short film about sardines (it’s got an environmental message!), an interactive installation (involving changing the pitch of your voice in real time!), and a board game.

So, right now I am taking a break. I’m really lucky. I have my desk next to the window and it’s amazing. My favorite thing to do, when my eyes get tired of looking at my computer screen, is to look out the window. I prefer looking at clouds because they move so slowly. I fee like I’m looking at another world when I look at clouds. When I was little I used to imagine kingdoms inside of the really big fluffy clouds. The thinner longer ones were roads that connected these kingdoms.

I could cloud-watch all day…. but I can’t. (´Д`) Time to get back to work