ANIMATIONS?!?! ᕦ(ò_ó )ᕤ

THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS!! Step right up and see some of my awful awesome work in progress animation for my thesis!

I created a YouTube playlist for easy viewing: THE PLAYLIST LINK ⊙﹏⊙ I don’t really know how this is going to work. I’m only doing this really because I have already semi-animated some 15 shots already. I don’t think it would be a good idea to put all 15 shots like that in one post. No one will look at it D:

UPDATE: by making a playlist, the video I am embedding……. is in playlist format…. so you can view ALL of the shots I have done so far in one video….. this is a little annoying for later BUT… it’s awesome for now….

But here are some examples of what I have been up to:



please note than since the creation of these boards, there have been a few changes…. but that’s ok!

( ་ ⍸ ་ ) Here’s some character designs



Eleanor has wide eyes, because she is constantly surprised by the beauty in everything. Has long messy brown hair. Is usually seen wearing a long dress, shorts, socks, and worn out tennis shoes. She is usually seen smiling. She will probably grow up to be an engineer, but for now is obsessed with space. Her room is filled with posters and marker scribbles on the wall. She has turned her toys and dolls into astronauts. She loves her dad very much and all she wants really is to show her dad what she sees. She thinks the world is a beautiful place but understands that sometimes that wonder can be lost. There are just too many things to look at! She developed a trick, which consists of placing her hands to her face as if creating a pair of hand-goggles, to try and help her concentrate. When she does this, to her the world seems entirely different.

Nell character turnaround

Nell character turnaround


Ethan is a very rigid, practical, and logical character. He bases his opinions of facts and what he sees. Because of this, he has a hard time understanding his young daughter, Eleanor (Nell, for short). While he does love her, he just doesn’t understand how she can see anything other than what is right in front of her. Toys are toys, not magical astronauts in search for new planets. Markers should be used on paper, not on the walls. Ethan enjoys the simple things, like reading the newspaper at night before making dinner. He likes his quiet and uninteresting life.

Ethan character turnaround

Ethan character turnaround

I had a harder time designing Ethan because I wanted him to be a rigid character. At first I made him super emotional, which fits the character of a “dad” but was a little too over the top for Ethan. I was afraid of making him too emotionless. I resolved for a happy-medium. He freaks out only when it comes to his daughter.

Ethan character exploration

Ethan character exploration

Ethan and Nell, character exploration

Ethan and Nell, character exploration

Ethan character exploration

Ethan character exploration


Oh hello.

It’s interesting to see when the last time I posted here was. About a year and a half ago. HAH! AMAZING! Well, now I would like to tell you that since I am in my final year of grad school (final semester, really) I am working on my thesis film. Isn’t that exciting? Now you get to see some real animation here. Ha ha ha! That’s funny! Not really….

First and foremost, my story. Imagine! A little girl walks across a room. A box of markers in her hands. She looks at them happily. SUDDENLY! She lifts up the box of markers, a grin upon her visage, and brings the box down like the gavel of justice about to declare a criminal guilty! I CALL IT…. SPACE SUIT BLACK. tun Tun TUUUUUN!!!!

Ha ha ha. Something like that. Really, Space Suit Black is the story of a rigid logical-thinking father who cannot understand his young daughter’s wild, imaginative side until she disappears. As he looks for her inside of the house he realizes the stark differences between the spaces that he occupies and the spaces that she occupies within the house. This is essentially the story between a father and his daughter and his struggle to understand her.

Storyboard panel

Storyboard panel

This is a little embarassing (’-’*)

I haven’t posted in… kind of a ridiculously long time. >_> My last year in college was rough. Mostly because I was tired of being so busy but also because I was getting sick of the people who weren’t my friends. I think that’s a little rude of me… but it doesn’t really matter anymore. The important thing is that, I not only graduated… but I am now in graduate school for animation. (Oh, hello)

Now, I know that nobody really reads this, but I thought I should let my account know this. I am currently in Singapore, which is not where I ever expected to be. Especially since, before applying… I didn’t even know where Singapore was. I mean, I knew it was somewhere in Asia. Either way, I’m here now. It’s pretty great. There’s a lot that reminds me of Puerto Rico and that makes me a little homesick. But, after this past summer, my relationship with Puerto Rico has been very rocky.

So far the people, as in students, … seem nice. Of course, there are some people I don’t like and there are people that I do like.

I feel a little bad because I have been super procrastinating…. and I really shouldn’t…. >_> I’m afraid it’s time to get to work. And by work, I mean I have to leave my apartment to go buy a book so that I can write an essay. All thumbs up!

( ゚д゚) I can’t stop

There are times when you know you should be doing something else besides what you are doing. I should be thinking up ideas and coming up with storyboards and scripts for the animations for my thesis project, so I can focus on actually animating once the semester starts.

I mean, right now I don’t really have to be doing anything. It’s a Thursday night, technically speaking 4 minutes (as i write this) into Friday morning. But when I have free time, after my stats class (I finished the animation one~ moving on ha ha)…. while I’m at my mom’s office just waiting for it to be almost 6. Well… today (technically yesterday) I was drawing, which was fun.

No no! This is turning into a rant! What I wanted to talk about is music. Lately, I’ve been itching to hear either really awesome, epic soundtrack music, or really melancholic piano songs. Either way, I just get caught up in this made up world as I listen to these kinds of music. I’ve got tons of music on my computer, but it’s just never enough. There’s always a song that I don’t have that I just have a craving to listen to… such as any Lord of the Rings song. I mean, I have 3, but I feel like I’ve heard them so many times now. Ha ha! Or some of the Inception soundtrack, or Tron, or Up. While I was working on my animation project, I rediscovered music from The Truman Show. The only thing I really remember about that movie is Jim Carrie, and the very end when he walks up the stairs. After watching some YouTube videos for music, I remembered the catchphrase “Good morning, and in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”

Amazing music scores keep being created. Some really simple ones, that are basically the same couple of measures repeated over and over again… but for some reason they just hold you. And then there are these amazing orchestral scores that completely envelop you. A good song, is like a good book. Good books keep your attention, and if written correctly can make you ride the biggest emotional roller coaster you’ve ever been on. That’s how I feel about music, sometimes. Some really good songs will make you realize that for the past 4 minutes you’ve actually been crying.

…. I feel like this post is kind of all over the place and a little weird. Kinda explains what I’m like. Ha ha!