I’m not procrastinating, I’m taking a short break (ι´Д`)ノ

I haven’t been updating lately. Sorry. I’ve been really busy with not just my thesis but my other school projects as well. Ha ha, aside from thesis, I also have another short film about sardines (it’s got an environmental message!), an interactive installation (involving changing the pitch of your voice in real time!), and a board game.

So, right now I am taking a break. I’m really lucky. I have my desk next to the window and it’s amazing. My favorite thing to do, when my eyes get tired of looking at my computer screen, is to look out the window. I prefer looking at clouds because they move so slowly. I fee like I’m looking at another world when I look at clouds. When I was little I used to imagine kingdoms inside of the really big fluffy clouds. The thinner longer ones were roads that connected these kingdoms.

I could cloud-watch all day…. but I can’t. (´Д`) Time to get back to work


( ゚д゚) I can’t stop

There are times when you know you should be doing something else besides what you are doing. I should be thinking up ideas and coming up with storyboards and scripts for the animations for my thesis project, so I can focus on actually animating once the semester starts.

I mean, right now I don’t really have to be doing anything. It’s a Thursday night, technically speaking 4 minutes (as i write this) into Friday morning. But when I have free time, after my stats class (I finished the animation one~ moving on ha ha)…. while I’m at my mom’s office just waiting for it to be almost 6. Well… today (technically yesterday) I was drawing, which was fun.

No no! This is turning into a rant! What I wanted to talk about is music. Lately, I’ve been itching to hear either really awesome, epic soundtrack music, or really melancholic piano songs. Either way, I just get caught up in this made up world as I listen to these kinds of music. I’ve got tons of music on my computer, but it’s just never enough. There’s always a song that I don’t have that I just have a craving to listen to… such as any Lord of the Rings song. I mean, I have 3, but I feel like I’ve heard them so many times now. Ha ha! Or some of the Inception soundtrack, or Tron, or Up. While I was working on my animation project, I rediscovered music from The Truman Show. The only thing I really remember about that movie is Jim Carrie, and the very end when he walks up the stairs. After watching some YouTube videos for music, I remembered the catchphrase “Good morning, and in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”

Amazing music scores keep being created. Some really simple ones, that are basically the same couple of measures repeated over and over again… but for some reason they just hold you. And then there are these amazing orchestral scores that completely envelop you. A good song, is like a good book. Good books keep your attention, and if written correctly can make you ride the biggest emotional roller coaster you’ve ever been on. That’s how I feel about music, sometimes. Some really good songs will make you realize that for the past 4 minutes you’ve actually been crying.

…. I feel like this post is kind of all over the place and a little weird. Kinda explains what I’m like. Ha ha!

( ´Д`) procrastinating when I really shouldn’t

The young police officer looked at the girl. It looked like she hadn’t bathed in weeks. Her hair was green with little yellow flowers and flower buds peeking out from tufts of hair. Her skin also had a greenish hue to it. He was instantly reminded of athletes who play on grassy field. He wondered for a second if the reason for the greenish hue was because she was just covered in grass stains. He noticed the over sized yellow jacket she was wearing. Aside from that, she wore nothing else.

“We found her. She just appeared on our property,” said the farmer. His eyes were filled with worry. “My daughter had seen her a couple weeks ago, in the woods talking to trees, but none of us believed her.”

The young officer pulled out his pad and paraphrased the farmer’s statement. “Was it you who put this jacket on her?”

“Yes, sir. We found her naked.”

“Was she this,” he paused. “Green when you found her?”

“We thought it was dirt. My wife tried to scrub some of it off her arm, but nothing changed. We were hoping maybe you might have seen something like this before?”

“Mr. Bradford, I can tell you sincerely this station has never met any green people before.”

“What should we do, sir? What if she’s sick? You know our boy Ro-” Mr. Bradford had to stop himself. He couldn’t even say his son’s name without warning of a tear or two. “Our b-boy-”

“Mr. Bradford, it’s ok,” said the young officer as he placed a hand on Mr. Bradford’s shoulder. “I understand. We’ll keep her here. We will take care of things. Just go home to your wife and daughter.”

Mr. Bradford nodded and turned to leave. The young officer watched as he walked away, sniffling quietly. A passing officer stopped to see if the farmer was alright. The young officer heard the farmer lie about having a cold. The young man sighed. “Poor man. His son passed away last year. F-”

“Fungus in the lungs,” interrupted the girl.

She was starring right at the young officer. There was no fear in her eyes, but rather what looked like wonder. The youth hadn’t noticed how big her eyes were until then. Why hadn’t he noticed them before? He couldn’t help but stare. In fact, he found it hard to turn away.

“Emeralds,” she suddenly said.

The officer snapped out of it. “I’m sorry?”

“You’re looking at my eyes. The farmer’s wife said my eyes looked like a pair of emeralds,” she replied.

“Th-they do. The purest of emeralds, might I add,” he said without thinking. As soon as he blurted it out he started blushing and looked at his notepad. The girl smiled. The young officer couldn’t help but think She’s beautiful. “I’ll go get a doctor, please wait here.”

Half an hour later, the doctor came by. “Thank you for coming on such short notice, Dr. Maccoby. This is the young woman,” said the young officer, signaling to the girl.

“Oh, please, David. One can only assume the worst. You told me the child was positively gr-,” the doctor trailed off as he finished the word ‘green’ with a mere murmur. He stared at the young woman as she got up from her seat. She still had the yellow jacket draped over her shoulders. She bowed her heard before the doctor in reverence. He took a small step forward and asked, “My child, what may I call you?”

She lifted her head. She looked confused. “Call me?”

“Yes, my dear, what is your name?” asked the doctor. This time he spoke with a softer tone.

A small wrinkle appeared between her eyebrows. It almost pained Dr. Maccoby and David to see it. “I have never had a name.”

Dr. Maccoby and David looked at each other, perplexed. “H-how about Emerald?” said David curiously.

“Are you naming me?” asked the girl.

“Yes, are you naming her?” repeated Dr. Maccoby.

“I-I guess so?” shrugged David.

“Just like my eyes.” Emerald smiled. She now had a name.

“Right then. David, if you would be so kind as to show Emerald and I to a private room where I may examine her.”

About another half hour later Dr. Maccoby came out of one of the questioning rooms. “Stay here for a moment, Emerald. I’ll be right back.”

“What is it, Dr. Maccoby? What is all that green? Is it just dirt?” asked David.

“I’m afraid not, my boy.”

“How can a person be that green? And her hair too?”

“Not to mention she has flowers growing out of her hair.”

“I’m sorry?” David thought he had misheard. “Flowers?”

“I pulled one out, and it hurt her.”

David’s eyes widened. He looked from the doctor to the door.

“Not to mention, I got a blood sample.” The doctor pulled out a small vial containing a transparent light pink liquid.

David gazed. What was happening.

“Also, that flower I plucked. It was a daisy. I asked her, out of curiosity, why she had daisies growing on her head. She told me that the trees in the forest told her they were Mrs. Bradford’s favorite. The trees saw little Robby picking them for his mother.”

David’s gaze shot from the vial to the door of the questioning room. “Mrs. Bradford? Mr. Bradford’s wife?” Before he knew it, he stormed into the room and slammed his hands on the table before Emerald. She gave a start. “How did you know Mrs. Bradford’s favorite flower was a daisy?” he snapped.

Emerald gave him a confused look. “The trees told me-”

“That they saw little Robbie picking them. Dr. Maccoby told me. How do you really know?”

She tried to reach for David’s hand. David, the kind young office who named her.

David slammed his hands on the table again. “What do you want with the Bradfords? Haven’t they suffered enough?”

“I only wanted to give my condolences.” Her eyes was starting to water.

“Only wanted to give your condolences? What do you-”

“Because their son died from fungus from my forest,” she cried out. “The trees warned me.” Tears started to fall down her cheeks. She looked just like any other human, save for all the green. “They said no one would understand. But I felt so terrible. I felt like somehow, it was my fault. I tried to make daisies grow in their fields, but it only seemed to make them sadder. So, finally I went to apologize. In person. I grew a crown of daisies on my head. ” She covered her eyes with her hands. “But instead, my daisies were plucked. They tried to scrub my skin off. then they covered me up and brought me here, and now you are yelling at me.”

David looked at her with a pained expression. He wanted to believe her, and deep down, he did. But her story made no logical sense. He wanted to keep yelling at her, force the truth out of her. However, all he could muster was a defeated, “Trees can’t talk.”

Emerald tried to wipe her eyes. “What are you talking about? Of course they can.”

David looked at her. “What. What are you?”

Emerald looked up at him. Her eyes bloodshot from crying. David found himself once again mesmerized by her eyes. “I am a forest spirit.”

David didn’t know what to do. He was so confused. His heart was racing. His eyes couldn’t seem to focus on her face anymore. Everything around him became blurry. Suddenly everything went dark.

(`・ω・´) What is in store for the future?

a somber walk cycle; just one of the many in my final project

Right now, I’m feeling lazy, so I don’t really want to do anything. But, I’ve learned something about myself in these past couple of weeks while taking an introductory course to animation at NYU. I’ve learned that I love animating. it may be tedious, drawing almost the same thing over and over again… but the result is so amazing. As I stare at my final project, I still can’t believe I did this. I mostly just hang rough animation completed, but I’m almost done with the final animation for the dog (Yes, there is a dog in my final project). This has been a learning experience. I have also gotten infinitely better at drawing dogs. Now when I stare at dogs, I can’t help but look at the way they walk.

This reminds me of the time I want to an architecture summer program, my summer after my junior year in high school. I had been told by my art teachers that I would be a great architect. The camp was only a couple weeks long. I enjoyed making models, but then again, I have always liked doing things that involve working with my hands. However, it was thanks to that summer program that I realized… I did not want to be an architect. At all. Although I have always wanted to be an animator, and have dabbled in drawn and stop motion animation, I knew that real animating was much harder. So, I started to take this intro to animation class and I was a little worried. I was worried that since it was the summer I would be too lazy to take anything seriously, or that I simply would not enjoy it.

I’m glad that that was not the case. When working on class projects, I will throw myself at it for hours until it is done (or I get hungry). Although, lately I have to keep track of the time in order to not forget to eat (which I did once; completely skipped lunch!). I really love it. I’m looking forward to it.

(ΘεΘ;) I’m in New York

I’m taking an intro to animation class at NYU. I have to admit, I was kind of disappointed with NYU because I found everything so confusing and I have no idea about some other things, and somethings NYU just has bad costumer service about. D: Like… the people who work at the Help Desk. I never realized how well Wellesley trains us until I called the NYU Help Desk and was on the phone for 20 minutes with someone who didn’t say a word to me. I thought my call bad been dropped. I also have no idea what my dad paid for because the account summary makes no sense. But I don’t want to call because I am honestly sick on NYU’s hold music. I also didn’t have internet for the first 4 days I was here. Laaaaaaame.

Despite all of these things and then some, my art class is not confusing or annoying. It does seem to be a little intense, but I can understand it. I’m still a little awkward with the other kids in my class. We had the option of doing this next homework assignment in groups, but when I asked people if they wanted to be in a group with me… no one seemed all that interested. I can understand that. We don’t know each other. We’ve only seen each other twice. Well, 6 of the 8 of us are NYU students who do know each other. But… no one else knows me, is what I’m trying to get at here. So… I’ll probably do my stop motion animation homework by myself.

It’s like I told my aunt: if given the chance to work in groups, I jump on it. But for some reason, I always tend to work alone.

Aside from that, I like New York. Sure it’s always noisy and there are way too many people. But, if I find myself walking around the city at 3AM, I might be a little paranoid, but I know I’m safer than in Boston. Not that I would be walking around New York city at 3AM. It’s just a… if I had to.

I’m happy, sorta. I woke up at around 9 today and I haven’t done anything. Which is cool. But…. I kind of wish I were at home… But I’m glad I’m here. I’m going to treat it as a test of courage. If I can survive living in New York city for 5 more weeks, I can survive anything. Although, I have to say, I am pretty lucky to know of so many friends who are in the city this summer.

(;´Д`) Whyyyy?

Here is my list of things I need to do before the last day of class. Actually, before that since on Friday I only have one class and we’re apparently having a party… Anyway, here is the list:

1) finish art narrative homework (due May 4)
2) start/finish self portrait art print exchange (due May 4)
3) fix Japanese essay (due May 3)
4) do Japanese 思い出ぽろぽろ sheet (due May 3)
5) do Japanese reading sheet (due May 5)
6) do my Japan on stage reading (??? The Rose of Versaille? due May 4?)
7) write my psychology questions and send them to the professor (due May 5)
8 ) study for Japanese oral test (test is on May 5)
9) meet with Professor Morley about final paper topic…. which I still don’t know…
10) meet with Alexis to put Samurai Act swords back in AA Closet
11) go to werk. ಠ_ಠ

And yet… all I feel like doing is watching anime with my roommate (;´д`)

There is no emoticon to express this feeling

I was listening to some classical music while studying for my Japanese kanji quiz and I had the sudden urge to listen to Ave Maria… but the version that I heard the Naval Academy Glee Club sing. I found out it was the Biebl version and… oh man. It’s just…. It’s just so beautiful. I went to a concert of their once when we were visiting my brother. I think I let out a tear or two, and I don’t think I was the only one that day.

Here’s a nice version I found on YouTube of the USNA Glee Club singing alongside the Chanticleer (I don’t know who they are… but they sing beautifully as well)