Woah woah woah (ㆆ▃ㆆ) life update?!?


I know what you’re thinking. ” ಠ_ಠ The hell, man. Where did you go?!”

Yeah. A lot of stuff has happened since I last posted. Like a lot. Damn. My last post was in May? BEFORE I GRADUATED?!?!

Ok! LET’S RECAP WHAT HAS HAPPENED SINCE MAY! I finished all of my projects and they were all awesome, except for one which stopped working properly on the day of our last show. Yay? (;-_-)

Then I graduated. I now officially have an MFA in Animation and Digital Arts. Officially. Like, I got my diploma in the mail already and everything! I attended my commencement ceremony in Singapore, and then in New York. The Singapore one was nice and our teacher gave a very personalized farewell speech. The New York one was also nice, in the sense that our commencement speaker was Martin Scorsese. It was not nice in the sense that…. whatever. That’s not important. The important thing is that I was super happy to graduate!

THEN. I was in New York for about 2 weeks hanging with my family. Vacation! THEN it was off to Boston for a summer internship at MIT Lincoln Labs. It was great. I did some programming stuff. I met lots of cool people. Met up with some old friends. I met someone and fell in love. I walked around a lot.

THEN THAT INTERNSHIP ENDED AND I WENT BACK HOME TO PUERTO RICO. I had 10 days. Then I started my current job at J. Walter Thompson, the advertising agency. I’m working lots. My heart got broken (lol I’m ok). I’m trying to keep better in touch with my friends now that I’m on the same side of the world as most of them. I’m earning money and paying off my massive student loans. (*´▽`*)YAAAAAAAY!

But aside from how fascinating student loans are, my thesis got selected for 3 film festivals.






bigMINImedia_2014_officialSelection IPRHFF_2014_officialSelection ENFOQUE_2014_officialSelection

🙂 So, that’s what has happened so far. I know I haven’t posted anything else about my thesis film, but I’d for now I’d like to share with you the trailer:

“Space Suit Black” Trailer from Diana Tantillo on Vimeo.



(`・ω・´) What is in store for the future?

a somber walk cycle; just one of the many in my final project

Right now, I’m feeling lazy, so I don’t really want to do anything. But, I’ve learned something about myself in these past couple of weeks while taking an introductory course to animation at NYU. I’ve learned that I love animating. it may be tedious, drawing almost the same thing over and over again… but the result is so amazing. As I stare at my final project, I still can’t believe I did this. I mostly just hang rough animation completed, but I’m almost done with the final animation for the dog (Yes, there is a dog in my final project). This has been a learning experience. I have also gotten infinitely better at drawing dogs. Now when I stare at dogs, I can’t help but look at the way they walk.

This reminds me of the time I want to an architecture summer program, my summer after my junior year in high school. I had been told by my art teachers that I would be a great architect. The camp was only a couple weeks long. I enjoyed making models, but then again, I have always liked doing things that involve working with my hands. However, it was thanks to that summer program that I realized… I did not want to be an architect. At all. Although I have always wanted to be an animator, and have dabbled in drawn and stop motion animation, I knew that real animating was much harder. So, I started to take this intro to animation class and I was a little worried. I was worried that since it was the summer I would be too lazy to take anything seriously, or that I simply would not enjoy it.

I’m glad that that was not the case. When working on class projects, I will throw myself at it for hours until it is done (or I get hungry). Although, lately I have to keep track of the time in order to not forget to eat (which I did once; completely skipped lunch!). I really love it. I’m looking forward to it.

(ΘεΘ;) I’m in New York

I’m taking an intro to animation class at NYU. I have to admit, I was kind of disappointed with NYU because I found everything so confusing and I have no idea about some other things, and somethings NYU just has bad costumer service about. D: Like… the people who work at the Help Desk. I never realized how well Wellesley trains us until I called the NYU Help Desk and was on the phone for 20 minutes with someone who didn’t say a word to me. I thought my call bad been dropped. I also have no idea what my dad paid for because the account summary makes no sense. But I don’t want to call because I am honestly sick on NYU’s hold music. I also didn’t have internet for the first 4 days I was here. Laaaaaaame.

Despite all of these things and then some, my art class is not confusing or annoying. It does seem to be a little intense, but I can understand it. I’m still a little awkward with the other kids in my class. We had the option of doing this next homework assignment in groups, but when I asked people if they wanted to be in a group with me… no one seemed all that interested. I can understand that. We don’t know each other. We’ve only seen each other twice. Well, 6 of the 8 of us are NYU students who do know each other. But… no one else knows me, is what I’m trying to get at here. So… I’ll probably do my stop motion animation homework by myself.

It’s like I told my aunt: if given the chance to work in groups, I jump on it. But for some reason, I always tend to work alone.

Aside from that, I like New York. Sure it’s always noisy and there are way too many people. But, if I find myself walking around the city at 3AM, I might be a little paranoid, but I know I’m safer than in Boston. Not that I would be walking around New York city at 3AM. It’s just a… if I had to.

I’m happy, sorta. I woke up at around 9 today and I haven’t done anything. Which is cool. But…. I kind of wish I were at home… But I’m glad I’m here. I’m going to treat it as a test of courage. If I can survive living in New York city for 5 more weeks, I can survive anything. Although, I have to say, I am pretty lucky to know of so many friends who are in the city this summer.