Look an Event! (●’▽’●)♡


I know I haven’t been posting lately. Lots of work to do. I basically have to finish everything (meaning, my thesis and 3 other projects) ….. in about 2 weeks. Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa @_@;;;

But it’s ok! It’s gonna get done! YES!!!

I don’t know how many of you will be near Singapore, BUT IF YOU ARE OH MAN IS THERE SOMETHING AWESOME HAPPENING NEAR YOU! To celebrate finishing our theses, our class is having a screening at The Artistry on May 9th. We’ll also be having our final Spring Show on the 14th at our school.

The screening on the 9th will mainly be a screening of our theses. The show on the 14th will showcase our theses and all of the other projects we’ve been working on from our other classes. These include another 3-4 minute short film, an interactive piece, and a board game! Man, we’ve been really busy this semester!


You’re invited to both shows!!!

I did a bad editing job and changed the time for the event on the 9th (Ha ha!) It originally said 7:30pm, but at that time there is actually only space available for a few guests. At 8:30 it is open to everyone!!!



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