Some roughs before actually animating ( ..)φ

Sometimes when I draw in general I think “why can’t I draw what I know it looks like D:” My roughs tend to be more like stick figures for that exact reason. When I animate I feel like my brain is going “WTH?!? What are limbs and how do they work?!”

Shhh. It’s ok, brain. That’s what the rough is for. *pats self*

I’m going to be honest here. Animating terrifies me. Well, I mean. Not THAT kind of terrifies. Maybe it’s because this is my thesis and I want it to, you know, actually look nice. As soon as I put that pen on the tablet, I get this “Just imagine how long it’s going to take you to fix this line if you screw it up” feeling. >_> It is generally not an awesome feeling. That, I think, is the whole point of the rough. And I mean both the roughs in my sketchbook and the rough blocked out animation in my flash file. It’s so that I can calm down and not have to worry about screwing it up. It’s a fast messy drawing that no one is going to see anyway, so it’s ok if I have to draw it over again.

That doesn’t mean that my animation comes out flawless every time after the roughs. You’ve seen some of the previous shots. Some of my movement is wonky or mechanical. But it’s ok. I’ve got stuff to fix for every shot, because you know what: I am not a master of animation! 🙂 And I’m fine by that. I just gotta keep at it!

These roughs are for shot 10. Ha ha ha these were one of those moments where I was trying to figure out what parts of the body move when other parts are the ones doing the big actions. These roughs made me re-realize that little kids are super awesome. Ha ha!

what 002   what 001


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