Oh hello.

It’s interesting to see when the last time I posted here was. About a year and a half ago. HAH! AMAZING! Well, now I would like to tell you that since I am in my final year of grad school (final semester, really) I am working on my thesis film. Isn’t that exciting? Now you get to see some real animation here. Ha ha ha! That’s funny! Not really….

First and foremost, my story. Imagine! A little girl walks across a room. A box of markers in her hands. She looks at them happily. SUDDENLY! She lifts up the box of markers, a grin upon her visage, and brings the box down like the gavel of justice about to declare a criminal guilty! I CALL IT…. SPACE SUIT BLACK. tun Tun TUUUUUN!!!!

Ha ha ha. Something like that. Really, Space Suit Black is the story of a rigid logical-thinking father who cannot understand his young daughter’s wild, imaginative side until she disappears. As he looks for her inside of the house he realizes the stark differences between the spaces that he occupies and the spaces that she occupies within the house. This is essentially the story between a father and his daughter and his struggle to understand her.

Storyboard panel

Storyboard panel


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