This is a little embarassing (’-’*)

I haven’t posted in… kind of a ridiculously long time. >_> My last year in college was rough. Mostly because I was tired of being so busy but also because I was getting sick of the people who weren’t my friends. I think that’s a little rude of me… but it doesn’t really matter anymore. The important thing is that, I not only graduated… but I am now in graduate school for animation. (Oh, hello)

Now, I know that nobody really reads this, but I thought I should let my account know this. I am currently in Singapore, which is not where I ever expected to be. Especially since, before applying… I didn’t even know where Singapore was. I mean, I knew it was somewhere in Asia. Either way, I’m here now. It’s pretty great. There’s a lot that reminds me of Puerto Rico and that makes me a little homesick. But, after this past summer, my relationship with Puerto Rico has been very rocky.

So far the people, as in students, … seem nice. Of course, there are some people I don’t like and there are people that I do like.

I feel a little bad because I have been super procrastinating…. and I really shouldn’t…. >_> I’m afraid it’s time to get to work. And by work, I mean I have to leave my apartment to go buy a book so that I can write an essay. All thumbs up!


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