Japan Relief Effort — What is Wellesley Doing?

Well… as Kendo Chair in Japan Club, I can tell you that we’re doing a lot. Or, at least trying to, anyway. Everyone else wants to do a lot too. It’s understandable.

The day we heard what had happened what a really weird day (at least for me). The whole day went by like a dream. Coincidentally, the Japan Club E-Board (leadership positions) was going to have their retreat that day…. at a Japanese restaurant. And we sat facing the wall… with the TV… that was showing coverage of the earthquake and tsunami… the whole time were were there. It was very odd.

Anyway, during that strangely ironic time, we came up with two ideas. One of them being a blog to hold information about relief efforts, what people can do to donate money and help with the cause, a place to read up more about what is going on, and a place where we can publicly post what we are planning on doing.


Check out how Japan is doing after the earthquake and the tsunami
See what you can do to help out
Tell us what you want to know

the idea of a silent auction.

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Basically, anyone can donate an item that they want auctioned off. Items will be placed on price tables, where there will also be a donation box (in case you don’tactually want anything but still want to donate to the cause) with a suggested donation amount (different depending at which table it is on). We plan on sending the proceeds directly to the Japanese Red Cross.

Another student sent us this web address for those interested in donating directly to the Japanese Red Cross as well.

If you could please promote this, that would be great.
This is the fastest way to give money to Japan, and time is essential right now. You would be donating in yen directly to the Japanese Red Cross – no middle men and no delays with currency exchange, etc.

Asian Student Union (along with the help of Japan Club) set up a paper crane fundraiser for this week. (Our Spring Break starts Wednesday after class) They will be on both sides of campus (Campus Center and Stone Davis) as well as in the Science Center.

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Japan Club also decided to send care packages to Wellesley Students who are abroad right now in Japan. With a total of 8 students in Japan, we asked members of the Wellesley College community to sign the back of a T-shirt to send to them. In the care package we also put in typical American snacks. We understand that when a student in abroad, sometimes they just want something familiar, which is why we chose American snacks. Most of the packages are already sent already. According to the Post Office, mail is going out to Japan, but it may experience delays (for obvious reasons).

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The Office of the Dean of Students, Religious and Spiritual Life, Intercultural Education, and Slater International (with support from Japan Club also, of course) also want to hold a Vigil for Japan on Wednesday at 12:30pm in the Chaple.

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A final relief effort is a letter writing campaign brought up by… well, I’m not sure who this person is.

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Urgent calling for letters to those in northeastern Japan!

Write a short letter in either English or Japanese to show your support!
This initiative was brought to Wellesley by Jessica Chin ’11. Her friend, Masaki from Kyoto Sangyo University will be mailing them to the people in northeastern Japan where it was hit most by the earthquake and tsunami.

Letter collection deadline: 3/16 Wednesday

Instructions to participate:
1. Write a letter
It can be in Japanese or in English. You can leave the salutation blank, please write your name and ‘Wellesley College’. The content just needs to be words of encouragement, just to let them know that they are being thought of, well-wished, prayed for, etc. Feel free to be as long or as brief as you want (within reason). You are also encouraged include a picture of yourself if you want to, or write something on the back of a photo. Japanese usually prefer handwritten since it will be more personable and will seem a little more sincere, but feel free to type up something as well.

2. Leave the address blank since Masaki is going to be handing the letters out. Feel free to write out your return address if you wish to, although if you’d rather not, that’s fine too. If you don’t have an envelope, that’s fine, although it will be easiest if you do.

3. Give the letter to Jessica Chin. You can leave them outside her door (Shafer 409), or if it’s easier, lightly write her name and mailbox in pencil somewhere visible (on its envelope/somewhere on the back of the letter) and throw it into campus mail (Unit 2828), and she will erase it before putting all of the letters into an envelope to send off.

It only needs to be one letter per person (although more would be welcomed!)

Message from Masaki:

Students from Kyoto are gathering to write letters to those who have suffered due to the earthquake.
The letters should say something along the lines of “We’re in this together” to encourage people there.
We will take these letters to the affected areas.
Right now we are calling out to all the people we can reach all over the world.
I will take on the responsibility to send your letters to the places affected by the earthquake.


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