d(>w<)b Museum Trips~!

Recently I helped in a User Study that Consuelo and MaCherie were doing for their Davis Museum iPhone app. It was pretty fun. At first they made us go into an exhibit room and look at the pieces in it. Then they gave us the iPhones and told us to go through another exhibit room (right next to it) and examine the pieces using the iPhone app. I think it made me look at some of the pieces in a way that I might not have. I liked when we were suggested to imitate the posses of the pieces. The app also gave you some information on the pieces as well. I noticed afterward that sometimes I looked at the tag description of the piece, and sometimes I wouldn’t.

Yesterday, I went to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. We didn’t know it at the time, but yesterday was the opening of the new exhibit in the new wing of the museum. Look! It was amazing! But it was so crowded! There were some pieces that really intrigued me and wanted to know more about them, but because of the number of people in the room I just couldn’t get close enough to the tag. Other times the pieces were so big you just didn’t know where to look first. I kinda wished I had a “Museum of Fine Arts application” of some sort so that I could see more information on those kinds of pieces. Something portable like that so you could be close enough to the piece to have the real thing in front of you, but have extra information on all the pieces that really intrigued you.

The huge crowd aside, it was a fun trip.


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