Applications for a wireless network (´・ω・`)


I stumbled upon (not using Firefox’s Stumple Upon add on) the site above. I thought some of the applications were pretty interesting. For example, Wireless Agriculture (#9) caught my attention. I think it is very useful to have multiple hoses go off at the same time or check to see what the temperature is like in order to adjust it with air currents. It caught my attention especially since my parents have a a married couple friend that is trying to make wine, but the conditions at home are really tough. The only place for them to grow their grapes are up in the mountains, where it’s nice and cool. But even then, they can’t grow their grapes during the summer because it gets too hot, and all the grapes dry up. If they had something like that, it would definitely make it easier! (And they’re doing it all by themselves practically) I wonder how that would affect the environment, if you try to use air currents and such to create a perfect environment for agriculture?

Wireless People (#7) also caught my attention. It’s basically a microchip of some sort that is implanted in the body and monitors a person’s vitals. I think it’s a really good idea for preemptive measures. These vitals are sent wirelessly to a computer in a hospital or doctor’s office. I mean, if I could prevent loved one from getting heart attacks and blood clots, I would ask them to get this in a heartbeat. But at the same time, I’m wondering what is something goes wrong? The article says that maybe it can run on pumping blood or physical activity, but how does that even work? What if it gets stuck somewhere and can’t send the wireless signal? What if it breaks? I’m just not sure about it. That’s just me being skeptical.

Community-Wide Wireless Mesh Network for Internet Access (#1) seemed interesting to me as well. Wireless internet for everyone sounds like one of those “in a perfect world” kind of situations. But at the same time, it’s something that is completely plausible, just sounds impossible. It also seems like everyone, in order to make a little money would want to provide internet to those who can’t. At the same time, I feel like internet is a very 1-1 kind of connection. You can be social on the internet, but it’s usually one person on a computer talking to another person on a computer. I’m just a little iffy about this idea because I know the internet has ruined my life (ha ha!), but there are definitely pros (in terms of business and such) to being able to connect to the internet from anywhere in the world.


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