(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Astronomy-what?

I remember my parents buying me lots of space books when I was little. My favorite planets were/are Jupiter and Pluto. Which is funny, because lots of kids like Saturn because they think it’s pretty… and because of the fact that it has pretty [ice] rings. I liked Jupiter because of it’s “eye” and I thought it was really pretty (prettier than Saturn). It’s like a giant storm cloud in space… and Jupiter totally has a ring. It’s just really small and unnoticeable. I also liked Pluto because it was so small. I had read somewhere that Pluto used to be one of Neptune’s moon, but somehow it escaped Neptune’s gravitational pull…. and then it crashed into something and that’s how Pluto got it’s moon Charon.

…. I thought Jupiter and Pluto were the coolest planets in our solar system. You’re probably wondering what this has to do with CS. Well, for my project my partners and I have decided to create a more interactive way of learning about the solar system on the Microsoft Surface. Because it’s awesome and kids don’t learn enough about the solar system when they’re in school. And the Microsoft Surface is cool too!

We were thinking of using tokens to represent the different planets and a “person” token. More than one “planet” token can be put on the surface to compare planets and the “person” token can be used to show how much that person would weight on that planet and things like that.

I mean, this is obviously something for younger kids, so it’s not going to have super complicated things in planet descriptions. But it’s also interesting for people who just have a general interest in the solar system. We’re still thinking about stuff, but these are the kinds of things we want to do for our project.

More on this later~


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