Woah woah woah (ㆆ▃ㆆ) life update?!?


I know what you’re thinking. ” ಠ_ಠ The hell, man. Where did you go?!”

Yeah. A lot of stuff has happened since I last posted. Like a lot. Damn. My last post was in May? BEFORE I GRADUATED?!?!

Ok! LET’S RECAP WHAT HAS HAPPENED SINCE MAY! I finished all of my projects and they were all awesome, except for one which stopped working properly on the day of our last show. Yay? (;-_-)

Then I graduated. I now officially have an MFA in Animation and Digital Arts. Officially. Like, I got my diploma in the mail already and everything! I attended my commencement ceremony in Singapore, and then in New York. The Singapore one was nice and our teacher gave a very personalized farewell speech. The New York one was also nice, in the sense that our commencement speaker was Martin Scorsese. It was not nice in the sense that…. whatever. That’s not important. The important thing is that I was super happy to graduate!

THEN. I was in New York for about 2 weeks hanging with my family. Vacation! THEN it was off to Boston for a summer internship at MIT Lincoln Labs. It was great. I did some programming stuff. I met lots of cool people. Met up with some old friends. I met someone and fell in love. I walked around a lot.

THEN THAT INTERNSHIP ENDED AND I WENT BACK HOME TO PUERTO RICO. I had 10 days. Then I started my current job at J. Walter Thompson, the advertising agency. I’m working lots. My heart got broken (lol I’m ok). I’m trying to keep better in touch with my friends now that I’m on the same side of the world as most of them. I’m earning money and paying off my massive student loans. (*´▽`*)YAAAAAAAY!

But aside from how fascinating student loans are, my thesis got selected for 3 film festivals.






bigMINImedia_2014_officialSelection IPRHFF_2014_officialSelection ENFOQUE_2014_officialSelection

🙂 So, that’s what has happened so far. I know I haven’t posted anything else about my thesis film, but I’d for now I’d like to share with you the trailer:

“Space Suit Black” Trailer from Diana Tantillo on Vimeo.



I’m not procrastinating, I’m taking a short break (ι´Д`)ノ

I haven’t been updating lately. Sorry. I’ve been really busy with not just my thesis but my other school projects as well. Ha ha, aside from thesis, I also have another short film about sardines (it’s got an environmental message!), an interactive installation (involving changing the pitch of your voice in real time!), and a board game.

So, right now I am taking a break. I’m really lucky. I have my desk next to the window and it’s amazing. My favorite thing to do, when my eyes get tired of looking at my computer screen, is to look out the window. I prefer looking at clouds because they move so slowly. I fee like I’m looking at another world when I look at clouds. When I was little I used to imagine kingdoms inside of the really big fluffy clouds. The thinner longer ones were roads that connected these kingdoms.

I could cloud-watch all day…. but I can’t. (´Д`) Time to get back to work

Look an Event! (●’▽’●)♡


I know I haven’t been posting lately. Lots of work to do. I basically have to finish everything (meaning, my thesis and 3 other projects) ….. in about 2 weeks. Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa @_@;;;

But it’s ok! It’s gonna get done! YES!!!

I don’t know how many of you will be near Singapore, BUT IF YOU ARE OH MAN IS THERE SOMETHING AWESOME HAPPENING NEAR YOU! To celebrate finishing our theses, our class is having a screening at The Artistry on May 9th. We’ll also be having our final Spring Show on the 14th at our school.

The screening on the 9th will mainly be a screening of our theses. The show on the 14th will showcase our theses and all of the other projects we’ve been working on from our other classes. These include another 3-4 minute short film, an interactive piece, and a board game! Man, we’ve been really busy this semester!


You’re invited to both shows!!!

I did a bad editing job and changed the time for the event on the 9th (Ha ha!) It originally said 7:30pm, but at that time there is actually only space available for a few guests. At 8:30 it is open to everyone!!!


falling in love with shadows (*´▽`*)

I’m not sure if I told you, but I’m pretty much done with my animation! 😀

☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆ ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ .。.:*・°☆ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ☆°・*:.。. └[∵┌] └[ ∵ ]┘ [┐∵]┘ (~^.^)~☆ ☆°・*:.。.☆°・*:.。.☆

Now I’m in the process of coloring my animation. That is….. not the most amazing part. It’s a little robotic. But there is a silver lining. I like to listen to music when I do stuff, like animating. I also like to listen to speeches. Famous speeches, motivational speeches, philosophical speeches, and interviews with scientists…. yeah. Anywho, it gets a little hard to listen to the speeches when you’re animating because you want to listen to what the person is saying, but you also have to think about what you’re doing. I’m not so amazing that I can listen to someone and think about something else at the same time. So, my thoughts begin to look something like this:

“Are my arches ok? Oh, he’s talking about going to the moon before the end of the decade! Oh no, I messed up the foot… gotta.. fix.. that… no, that’s not right, now the pose is off. Nothingness is the essence of life. It’s like the nothingness of spa-I have to pad this drawing so that it looks right. Double NASA’s budget. Double it to why does he look like a zombie when he’s walking?!”

Yeah…. So now that I’m coloring I can listen to WHATEVER I WANT! Yaaaaay! 😀 It also is looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. Even though it’s a little annoying and Flash stops so it can autosave…. I am kind of loving how it looks. 🙂

screen cap of Flash window

screen cap of Flash window (click to enlarge!)

Ha ha, the background is not going to be that orange color, don’t worry. I made it that darker color so that I could see where I was coloring the white. (Flash’s default background color is white.) I’m excited to finish.

So yeah. 🙂 I’m not sure if I should post more of my shot progress videos or not. Um…. yeah. (I don’t know how to end this post…)

(。♋‸♋。) My Thesis has paintings!

HEY THERE! 😀 My thesis has paintings~! Not just any paintings but *drumroll*



ANIMATED PAINTINGS!!!!! Whaaaaaaaat! I do have some videos that I would like to show you BUUUUT it’s kind of a big part of my thesis, so I want to keep it a surprise for now 🙂 ALSO…. the one that I was going to post that isn’t a surprise… I realized that one of the paintings/frames is unfinished. HA HA WHAT! xD I’m so silly. I’m not done yet with them, so it’s ok.

Anywho, here’s some pictures of what my workspace looked like for a few days Ha ha!

29test  03test

04test  34test

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ More animations!


I just had a thought. Literally as I typed the “:3”. I could be uploading my animatic rather than just individual shots….. but what if you only want to see the new stuff?!? Ugh. I have no idea. In the mean time, I’m going to keep uploading the individual shots onto my YouTube playlist.

WHAT. no. I’m not talking to myself in the form of a journal that is public online for all to see. HAH. I’M TALKING TO YOU, SILLY. (they’re on to us! D:)

# 10, 18, 21, 31a, 32, 33a, 33c.
Remember that they’re work in progresses. I know I should be presenting these to you a little more complete with backgrounds and stuff but… I sort of want the final look to be a bit of a surprise for my audience. 😀 (do you think they bought that?)

OH OH MAN WAIT WAIT. I need to explain something beforehand. HA HA HA! Ok, so shot 33a: The dad is going down the stairs. The thing is, you’re not actually going to see his feet because the stair-railing-thing will be covering them. LOL That’s why it looks like he’s doing the can can diagonally downward. Ha ha ha!

Ok, here’s that playlist player again. To select the specific shot, just press “playlist” at the top left!

Some roughs before actually animating ( ..)φ

Sometimes when I draw in general I think “why can’t I draw what I know it looks like D:” My roughs tend to be more like stick figures for that exact reason. When I animate I feel like my brain is going “WTH?!? What are limbs and how do they work?!”

Shhh. It’s ok, brain. That’s what the rough is for. *pats self*

I’m going to be honest here. Animating terrifies me. Well, I mean. Not THAT kind of terrifies. Maybe it’s because this is my thesis and I want it to, you know, actually look nice. As soon as I put that pen on the tablet, I get this “Just imagine how long it’s going to take you to fix this line if you screw it up” feeling. >_> It is generally not an awesome feeling. That, I think, is the whole point of the rough. And I mean both the roughs in my sketchbook and the rough blocked out animation in my flash file. It’s so that I can calm down and not have to worry about screwing it up. It’s a fast messy drawing that no one is going to see anyway, so it’s ok if I have to draw it over again.

That doesn’t mean that my animation comes out flawless every time after the roughs. You’ve seen some of the previous shots. Some of my movement is wonky or mechanical. But it’s ok. I’ve got stuff to fix for every shot, because you know what: I am not a master of animation! 🙂 And I’m fine by that. I just gotta keep at it!

These roughs are for shot 10. Ha ha ha these were one of those moments where I was trying to figure out what parts of the body move when other parts are the ones doing the big actions. These roughs made me re-realize that little kids are super awesome. Ha ha!

what 002   what 001